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Dennis Miller is going to have his own talk show on CNBC. I am sure of two things: One, it will be worth watching, and two, the Liberals--who have been talking about having their own show--are going to be very angry by both what he says and how popular his show will turn out to be. This New York Times article is worth a read, if for no other reason than because it has some great lines from Miller. Note that it is entitled, "The Joke is on Liberals." An example from Miller:

"Did you see the Democratic debate the other night? To me Dennis Kucinich’s politics are more scrambled than Rod Steiger’s dream journal. And Clark? He’s a wizard in many ways, but when I hear him speak, it’s almost like he’s slumming. There’s a mensch discrepancy there. At least John Edwards, who to me is a reasonably shallow guy, at least he can dog-paddle around in that park and not look out of place."

This reminds me of a story Lincoln once told to a man who came to him complaining about the meanness of Secretary of War Stanton (he had apparently lost a political battle to Stanton, a not uncommon thing). Lincoln said that reminded him of a farmer who had a small dog but that dog always won all the dog fights he ever got into, even beating much larger dogs. One day an owner of one of the larger dogs in the county came to the owner and asked, how is it that your small dog whips every dog in the county? "That’s no mystery," said the farmer, "your dog and the other dogs get half through a fight before they get mad. My dog is always mad."

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