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New Hampshire, a thought

The debate among the Democrats tonight will be worth watching. This will be pivotal. Things have started shaking out in Iowa. Kerry, who was left for dead at the end of November, ended up beating Dean 2-1, and Edwards came in a close second. While I predicted the decline of Dean around early December (based in large measure on two unnataural acts he committed: he didn’t think catching Saddam Hussein was a big deal, and he got Gore to endorse him, and then over the next few weeks got other establishment liberals to endorse him), I did not predict that Kerry would win. But he won big.

The candidate most disadvantaged in New Hampshire by the Kerry victory (aside from Gephardt, who dropped out, and Dean) is Wesley Clark because he seemed to make himself into the un-Dean candidate. But if Dean counts for less, so does Clark. Besides, Clark himself is similar to Dean in that he is full of contradictions, and in other respects seems less stable and or not trustworthy. Kerry and Edwards are doing well because they are steady and sure in their campaigning and (more or less) in the positions they take. Their political character is better. Where does this leave Lieberman? He will be to New Hampshire, what Dean was to Iowa. He will come in fifth (unless the bottom drops all the way out of Dean and Lieberman ends up coming in foruth)and will drop out of the race. Will Edwards be able to come in second or third? Not necessarily, but it’s possible. If he does, he will surely go all the way, after having won South Carolina. He could end up on the ticket, after all.

I believe that Dean commited political suicide with his screamning and yelling after the vote in Iowa. He revealed a man off balance. It scared folks. That fear will follow him to New Hampshire. Now, it is possible that an excellent performance by Dean in the debate tonight might help him re-group, but I doubt he can do it. People now think they have seen his true self and they don’t like it. But see Hugh Hewitt’s (under January 21st) serious suggestions on how Dean might overcome his problem. Watch the debate tonight.

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I missed Dean’s now infamous "howl." Does anyone know of a website were the video is available?

I would recommend watching the Fox News Channel for about ten minutes. You’re bound to see it at least once.


go here Fox News Article

Click on the "here" in the third paragraph.


John M. - I’m sure Fox is playing it up all they can!...unfortunately I am in between televisions right now. The picture is dead. Thanks though.

John A. - I checked out your link, but after the standard FNC advertising, Dean appears briefly shaking his arm and then the video cuts out. Perhaps its a problem with my connection. I’ll check out Drudge...he’s bound to have it. Thank you as well.


I want to know what folks think about Edwards.... He concerns me the most of all the democrats because he’s so trial-laywer slick.

I finally found a version that works. After watching it, I have to say the coverage is way overblown. It just sounds to me tha the was losing his voice after using so loudly immediately before. Almost sounded like a teenage boy whose voice cracks when he least wants it to! But, politics is politics so I can’t say I’m upset that anyone is using it against Dean!

For Kay’s inquiry about John Edwards. My opinion is that Sen. Edwards has abandoned his state. He has ignored or at least made few attempts to deal with issues related to NC since he started galivanting all over this nation pursuing the "White House".

Some people here have referred to Edwards as our "junior" senator from Iowa. Meanwhile, Senator Dole has quietly done a most effective job representing our state.

John who?

I would recommend watching the Fox News Channel for about ten minutes. You’re bound to see it at least once.

Yep, good old objective Fox News...

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