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New Hamshire results

The results show (among other things) that Zogby was off by a mile. But, more seriously, I’m surprised by the size of Kerry’s victory (39% to Dean’s 26%, and Clark’s 12% and Edward’s 12%, with Lieberman at 9%). Dean will stay in and still has a chnace as Kerry will now be much more seriously examined by an otherwise obtuse media; it will be discovered that he is a real bore, can’t go anywhere without his hairdryer, only has one gesture and is a monotone candidate. Dean can come back. Edwards should have done better, and the thororughly goofy Clark should have died in NH. Lieberman, I’m sorry to say, is finished. I don’t think this thing is over by a long shot. There will still be four going on to South Carolina and elsewhere, and SC is most dangerous for Edwards: he has to have a win. Also, if Clark comes in fourth in SC, he should be finished. Such are my quick thoughts, off to a Presidency class, and I’ll check in later this afternoon.

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