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Early Exit Poll #s

Here are some early exit poll numbers from today’s primaries. Thanks to ’The Corner’ at NRO.

According to sources, the early exit polls in most of the states are in, and they look like:

AZ Kerry 46, Clark 24, Dean 13.

MO Kerry 52, Edwards 23, Dean 10

SC Edwards 44, Kerry 30, Sharpton 10

OK Edwards 31, Kerry 29, Clark 28

DE Kerry 47, Dean 14, Lieberman 11, Edwards 11

If these #s hold up, it is huge for Edwards, my worst nightmare.

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Why is Edwards your worst nightmare, Dr. Craig?

Gosh, in a way I almost feel sorry for Dean. Sure he pulled out of these races to focus on Michigan, but it still has to hurt. He fell hard and fast. Tis almost a pity.

I guess that we should be expecting Dr. Schramm’s predictions any time now...

Or perhaps he’ll bet this time.


Sorry about the "malfunction" It is not your worst nightmare if you really look at the stats. Take away Iowa, and Edwards doesn’t run very well outside Dixie.

If the worst nightmare is a Kerry-Edwards ticket, then it’s coming true.
Edwards is not doing anywhere near well enough to derail Kerry, and he didn’t really try to. His big breakthrough would have had to have been in Missouri, and he didn’t make a significant effort there. Edwards did plenty well enough to be the VP nominee.

I don’t think people vote for the bottom of the ticket. I do think that people look at the VP pick and vote on the Presidential candidate’s judgment in making that decision. Edwards as the VP isn’t going to make the South vote for Kerry.

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