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My Worst Nightmare

My worst nightmare is that a Democrat beats President Bush in November. (About some things I don’t even dream, see previous blog.)

I mentioned last night, and a couple of people commented on it, that my worst nightmare would be if John Edwards won both the South Carolina and Oklahoma primaries. I’m glad that Clark appears to have eked out a victory in Oklahoma.

I believe that Edwards is the only Democrat in the field who could beat Bush in November. I don’t think Kerry can beat ’W’. Edwards might. He is a relatively unknown Southerner who can and would sell himself as a new Democrat a la Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, the only Democrats elected President in the last 30 years. He is cute, smart, slick (without anything to hide it seems), and he comes complete with a ’I’m just a poor boy who made and does good story.’

Couple him with Evan Bayh or some Democrat from the Mid-West or even Hilary, I have nightmares.

I don’t think it likely that he can derail John Kerry and I don’t think he would help Kerry much in the South and probably not even North Carolina as a VP candidate. So I don’t fear him as a VP candidate only at the top of the ticket.

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I’m sorry, but this is off topic. Dr. Craig, Peter, or anyone - does anyone have any copies of syllabi or suggestions for a course on statesmanship that I am organizing for my preparatory school? Clearly, I have in mind Aristotle, Plato, Machiavelli, Lincoln, Wilson, FDR, Churchill, Reagan, etc. Any syllabi or ideas would be useful. Thank you.

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