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The Bush ads are talked about everywhere. This Canadian paper’s headline, "9/11 ads have Bush in hot water," just about sums up the organized media frenzy on this for the last 24 hours. I watched TV news last night and this morning, and this was the top of the news in every broadcast. And, of course, this is silly (this is not news) and it was terrible slanted; the firefighters’ Union chief was interviewewed by everyone (but only FOX told you that the Union has been supporting Kerry since September), offended relatives of 9/11 victims, and so on. Three points on this. One, you can tell that all this is very organized. Kerry’s people (broadly understood) are prepared and well prepared and this attack mode will continue until the end. They are trying to pre-empt Bush on everything, most especially all those things that are clearly gto his advantage (e.g., 9/11, Kerry’s anti-war record, etc) and, I repeat, they are perfectly organized. Very impressive effort on their part. Second, trying to pull 9/1--and Bush’s wonderful reaction to it--out of the mix will not work. The American people understand that this is what Bush is about, and they trust him. The election has to do with war on terrorism, caused by the 9/11 attacks. And, they see through this kind of hard-edged politics as practiced by the Demos. Third, note that all this is going on without John Kerry speaking on the issue; others are speaking for him. This also will continue. The advantage (he thinks) is obvious: let his legion of supporters (including the media) run with the hard edge of the attack (this gets publicity for a few days) and then by the time he must address the issue, he can be very gentle and back off from the harshness of the others; he will then seem moderate and considerate by slightly dissasociating himself from the heated rhetoric. In the end, it will not work, or, will only have limited and temporary effect. How do I know this? I trust the sense American people more than I do the plans and schemes of media gurus and cmpaign consultants.

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"Peaceful Tomorrows," the "9/11 families’ group" responsible for most of the complaining, is part of a hard-left foundation given millions of dollars in funding by the Heinz Endowments, which, by a million-to-one coincidence, are chaired by Teresa Heinz Kerry.

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