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Clarke and Iraq

This is a partial response to John’s note below on Rice’s testimony. John is right that Rice’s testimony may have been orchestrated in advance, and that she is likely to get the better end of the conversation, partly because, as George F. Will argues, Clarke has already de-authorized himself. What I think may be an even bigger set up, or orchestration, if you please, is the one that is coming from Clarke and Democrats (and so far only alluded to in his testimony) regarding Iraq: They want to push the Iraq (neocon conspiracy and all that) vs. War on Terror point to its logical conclusion. That is, Bush (pushed and shoved and persuaded by Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al) decided to go into Iraq very early and would have done it even if 9/11 had not happened. This is their gambit to nibble away at Bush’s integrity, at the trust he has established between himself and the people post 9/11. That is the orchestration that is going on, and it is not being conducted by Bush and his people, but rather his political enemies. If Bush continues to be esteemed by the American people because of his actions and words after 9/11, Kerry cannot win. The Democrats (using Clarke and others) need to break this trust, and they are going to use Iraq to do it. That’s what Clarke is really up to.

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Chris Begala, a local political consultant (brother of Paul, but conserative) subbing on a conservative talk radio station for Dan Patrick, made just that point about Clarke’s appearance on Russert a few days ago -- that he was effectively delivering talking points. He then went on to suggest those talking points were designed to break the trust in the President just as you’ve described. So much for not "playing politics" with 9-11, eh?

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