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Death of marriage in Scandinavia

The majority of children in Sweden and Norway are born out of wedlock, and in some districts of Norway marriage itself has almost entirely dissappeared. Stanley Kurtz (in the Boston Globe) considers the decline (if not yet complete dissappearance) of marriage in Scandinavian countries. While it seems to be true that "in a place where de facto gay marriage has gained almost complete acceptance, marriage itself has almost dissappeared," it doesn’t follow that gay marriage is the cause of it. The decline of the institution of marriage is older and deeper than that and has to do in part with secularization of the society and the growth of the welfare state

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In my opinion the Institution of marriage is in trouble in the U.S. Army. I do not mean to say that the Army discourages soilders to marry as would seem logical given the uncertainty of deployments. The opposite is the case. While in AIT 35 soilders in my company got married. Most of these met the other person while in AIT. One soilder filled out the paperwork to marry one person and a week later when given approval ended up marrying someone else! Cheating is also rather rampant. One of the reasons for this is that given the high amount the army gives for BAH, a PVT can often times more than double his monthly income by getting married, not to mention medical benefits.
Given a predominately secular attitude towards marriage in conjunction with economic incentives for marriage, what can you expect? If the health of the Institution of Marriage is measured by the reasons for being married, instead of simply the quantity of married people then the Army is hurting.

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