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Dems soft money and the 527’s

The newly created "527’s" are the Dems shadow party, according to this Business Week article. A good read that explains how the Dems are going to try to raise about $300 million from big donors like George Soros and just simply take over the media campaign from the poor Party. Here is how it starts, but read the whole thing: "In 2002, as campaign-finance reform was about to become law, a few savvy Democratic activists saw the future -- and it was potentially devastating. The problem: While the Democratic Party raised $520 million in the 2000 election cycle, nearly half of it came in big-buck "soft-money" donations that the McCain-Feingold Act would all but eliminate. In the upcoming Presidential election, the Dems would be even more badly outgunned by the GOP, which in 2000 pulled in $712 million -- but only $246 million of it in soft money. To make an end run around the new campaign law, these behind-the-scenes players rushed to set up political committees that can legally collect soft money, pay for issue ads, and encourage voter turnout."

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