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The GOP and the South

Gerard Alexander (of the University of Virginia) writes a terrific essay (via reviewing some books) demolishing the myth that the Republican Party assembled a national majority by winning over Southern white voters; Southern white voters are racist; therefore, the GOP is racist. He argues that this is--believed by the media and the left in academia--nonsense.    

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The tension between the myth and voting data escalates if we consider change across time. Starting in the 1950s, the South attracted millions of Midwesterners, Northeasterners, and other transplants. These "immigrants" identified themselves as Republicans at higher rates than native whites... the myth is ultimately based on a demonization not of the GOP but of Southerners, who are indeed assumed to have Confederate flags in their hearts if not on their pickups.

Alexander hits it right on the money here. To add a further confirmation to this, I submit the U.S. Census numbers: "Migration to the South Brings U.S. Blacks Full Circle."

What this means is that the Democrats are singing an old song that is already out of tune and style. I think Bush will capture a historic revearsal of the black vote this year. The new trend already began to show in the 2002 mid-terms. Add the growing resentment among blacks -- that "gay marriage" is a civil rights issue -- toward Democrat elites, and the season for picking the long awaited fruit off the tree is here right now!

I think that you are right about many black Christians being upset about the gay marriage - the liberals have a tendency to ignore or forget how Christian the black community is. Also, I think there will be a growing resentment in the near future by blacks against Democratic policies. Lower-income blacks are going to demand vouchers because their kids are not safe at the failed public schools that the liberals force them to stay in. Many blacks resent affirmative action and want to achieve their success on their own merit. And, Democratic welfare programs are drying up, too. The narcotics that the Democrats have been feeding the black community have denied them for opportunities for too long and there will be a day of reckoning in which the Democrats cannot count on 90% of their vote and then shut them up.

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