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The Professor Who Cried "Hate"

The LA Times reports this story out of Claremont-McKenna College. A professor of psychology gives a speech decrying racism, then allegedly returns to her car to find it vandalized, spraypainted with racist slogans. A clear example of a hate crime, right? Not so fast--police say two witnesses spotted the good professor vandalizing her own vehicle.

My favorite part, however, is this attempt by one of her colleagues to justify it:

Lee Ross, a social psychologist on the faculty at Stanford University, said that if Dunn is proven to have committed the vandalism, the professor may still have raised people’s awareness about racism. "One ironic thing is that doing this may actually have accomplished some of her goals, if her goal was to make people feel that racism was present and that there was danger of white backlash," Ross said.

That’s good. What’s important isn’t whether racism actually exists, but whether "people feel that racism was present."

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I smelled a rat when I first heard the story. Yet the leftist dummies feel no remorse at disrupting studies. How typical!

You have to understand that in the minds of people like Professors Dunn and Ross, all straight, white people who aren’t hardcore leftists are racist, almost by definition. In Dunn’s mind, she was only doing to her car what all those eeeeeevil white conservative racists were thinking about doing, but just hadn’t actually done yet. In this way, she believes she was bringing attention to this "covert" racism that she and her colleagues are ""smart"" enough to know exists, but that the rest of the world is too ""dumb"" to see.

Of course, her real motivation is to get attention, like some pathetic teenager.

Once again liberals are a victim of their own success. They passed laws making it illegal to commit hate crimes, and now there are no more hate crimes.

If only they had though to outlaw hijacking airplanes and ramming them into buildings, the world would be perfect.

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