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Larry Obhof, a friend and former colleague of mine emailed a post by Jacob Levy of The Volokh Conspiracy about caffeine intake. The highest number I saw quoted in the post was an average of 1400 mg. per day based on the the following table which rates a brewed cup of coffee at 80 - 135 mg. caffeine. Based on this chart, the admirable coffee drinker Mr. Obhof estimates his average intake to be 2700 mg., a number which, having witnessed his caffeine intake habits first hand, is probably about right. Before coming to Baghdad, I would generally drink 12 - 16 cups of very strong coffee (therefore, I will presume 135 mg. cups) before 9:30 in the morning, and then keep either a cup of coffee or a pepsi in front of me throughout the day. So my conservative estimate puts my intake at 1900 mg before the day really gets going. My readers can now understand why the weeks with limited coffee here in Baghdad were a bad, bad thing.

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Dude, you’re doing a great job - but
you really need to cut back on the caffeine intake!!!

The Chronicle of Higher Ed reports the caffeine consumption of three scholars and a university president in this short piece.

But none of them gets close to you!

Just to point out, Vivarin -- used by countless med students and long haul truckers to stay awake for days -- only has 200mg of caffeine per tablet. You and Larry might want to try to keep it under half a dozen Vivarin-equivalents per day.

Knowing Larry as well, I think it unlikely.

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