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Chemical weapons of terrorists in Europe

The London Financial Times reports: "Terrorists plotting to use chemical weapons in Europe have more advanced plans than security services previously suspected, a senior French counter-terrorism official has warned.

Small groups of chemicals experts have been detected in several European countries and have developed ways of communicating with each other that allowed them to avoid being exposed.

’We have underestimated the terrorists’ willingness and capacity to develop chemical weapons,’ the French official told the Financial Times. He said a recent wave of arrests in Britain and France has revealed how far they had developed their plans." I am not sure that I am happy to note that the French have only recently discovered this, but there you have it. Also note this: "The groups appear to operate separately from other cells planning attacks using ordinary explosives. Several of them are believed to have links to Islamic militants in the breakaway Russian republic of Chechnya. Western intelligence services allege that extremists linked to al-Qaeda have carried out experiments in chemical warfare in Chechnya." This information, to the best of my recollection, is over a year old from the U.S.’s point of view. I believe that this is why the Pankasi Gorge in Georgia has been a focus of some of our efforts. In any case, there is a lot of information in this short article that is worth noting. But above all, I don’t understand why it is only now that the French are talking about this. Perhaps the Madrid bombing, and the subsequent investigation surrolunding it, woke them up.

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