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Here is the Washington Post article on Bush’s press conference, with the headline: "Short on Details, Long on Resolve." This reminds me of a story:

During a recent visit to Washington, the Pope was the guest of the President and his wife for an afternoon Potomac River cruise on the presidential yacht Sequoia. They were sipping their iced teas and chatting amiably when a gust of wind blew the Pope’s zucchetto off his head and into the river. Secret Service agents immediately scrambled to launch a speed boat to retrieve it, but the Pres waved them off with, ’Hang on. I’ll handle it.’

Bush then stepped off the yacht onto the water, walked over to the Pontiff’s little hat, picked it up, walked back to the yacht, climbed back aboard, and handed it to the Pope amid stunned silence.

The headline in the Post, Times, Le Figaro, Guardian, etc. was, "Bush Can’t Swim".

I saw about forty-five minutes of the press conference and thought that he did just fine. I liked it. Straighforward, to the point, a couple of nice formulations. I’m especially glad that he gave the short talk to start with. It worked. I also watched CNN, et al, after and they just reinforced my belief that the elite media is both biased and stupid. I was only ambarassed about being an American once in my life; I watched the Ford-Carter presidential debates of 1976 (and I don’t mean only the fact that the mikes went silent for a while), I mean their inability to say anything interesting or thoughtful. I am, for the second time, embarassed to be an American each time I watch the TV news. Wanting to confirm that I was right about Bush’s performance, I asked the first guy on I ran into on the street this morning what he thought. He said this: "He did fine. I like the guy. I’m not worried. The only question that is important for the election is this: Who do you trust? I trust him." It’s a nice day, by the way, the sun is shining and it’s to be dry the next six or seven days. Here is the transcript of the press conference.

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"Bush then stepped off the yacht onto the water, walked over to the Pontiff’s little hat"

Okay..the President walks on water? This certainly isnt a basis comment is it?

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