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Here is a review of the Al Franken "Air America" gamble from the Atlanta-Journal Constitution. Instapundit is following it and has some useful links, if you are interested. It’s off to a rocky start, with some six stations running it. It is noted that it displaced a Korean and a Chinese station in the San Francisco area, by the way. I have not heard it, but have seen many (too many) news reports on it, and I am not impressed. As far as I’m concerned, I would like it to be succesful, just to see what that may mean in substance. But I doubt that it will be. It is an artificial creation, brought on by arrogant liberal money (and mind-set). It is born from the top down, rather than from the bottom up as is the case with Rush and the other conservative shows. Rush and the others grew--and kept--their audience the hard way, by being interesting and amusing; and all the while the audience knew that it was getting something other than CBS and CNN. They were predisposed to listen and, once they did, they were hooked. The liberals--when they are able to pick up a station that runs Franken--will listen out of ideological duty, then they will be bored, then they will stop. It won’t last.

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Oh gee, this doesn’t sound at all desparate!

A far-left group feels that the entire world population ought to participate in our presidential election, since "it is not an exaggeration to say that the U.S. election is almost as important to citizens of other nations as it is to Americans." This outfit has taken it upon itself to open an online global polling station. The URL is:

This is being pushed by, among others, a hyperfeminist leftist who’s a notorious dissident former nun:

Americans who so little value their citizenship ought not go unchallenged. The results of this exercise are a foregone conclusion since it’s being promoted heavily in far-left circles, and undoubtedly the numbers will be picked up and echoed endlessly in the coming months as "evidence" of the President’s supposed foreign policy "failure." Perhaps Bush supporters (and those on the other side who value the quaint notion of sovereignty) could take a moment to balance the scales a tad. Please share with anyone who may be interested.

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