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Question for Hayward

First, I just ordered two copies of your book on Jimmy Carter! I’ll give the second to a guy I don’t like, but who claims to like Carter; it’ll make him angry. Congratulations!

I have a question. Explain to me how over 300,000 new jobs can be created, yet the unemployment numbers go up by one tenth of a point. Someone just asked me this in class, and I fumbled.

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that is relative simple. The jobless rate tracks peopel who are registered with the unemployment office seeking work. Discouraged workers do not register as they see the trip and the standing inline and dealing with bureaucrats a waste fo time. When it jumps up like this it means that even the discouraged see a legitimate recovery and a chance to land a job. It is also good news. Even the discouraged see a better and improving economy. That just leaves the Democrats to continue to downplay it. Soon they will migrate to something else. Probably the deficit.

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