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We are given the impression by the establishment liberal media that chaos reigns in Iraq and that we are doomed to fail. Everyone now is opposed to our "occupation" of the country. This isn’t a guerilla war, it is an uprising. We are shown the bombs exploding, the men, women and children being rushed to hospitals. We are meant to think that we kill more civilians than we do terrorists. The origins and purposes of our policy is questioned, and those who have opposed our policy in the first place now want us to send in more troops. And then there is the lack of U.N. involvement; the country would be pacific if the blue helmets were there rather than the Marines. It is also claimed that we never had a real international coalition, yet Katie Curic says that the coalition we never had is "disintigrating" because Spain, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic will be taking their troops home. There is even talk of reinstituting the draft. Questions of military tactics on the ground are disputed, by those who know nothing. It is hard to get through this malaise filled prattle sometimes, is it not? By paying too much attention to the so-called news we tend to lose sight of the most important things.

We are at war. This is the same war that started one year ago. We took the country in three weeks, an amazing achievement by any standard. We also didn’t kill a lot of people, by design. Perhaps we should have hunted down the retreating and disappearing soldiers of the tyrant. But we didn’t. We are Americans, we are generous. Now some of them are back conducting the war against us that they couldn’t conduct then. Odd, but there you have it. The Saddam loyalists, the terrorists and the nihilists, are trying to kill our soldiers, as they are randomly killing their own people. What are we to think? We should remind ourselves that malaise is the disease of the will, and we are a free people who can be resolute. Resolution is what is called for. We have proven to the world that free men can be prosperous and now, once again, we have to prove that free men are not made of cotton candy. In war, resolution, as one of our giants said under even worse circumstances. We should be resolved to do all this right, with vigor or cunning, depending on the need. And we should never give in! Never give in! Never, never, never. And when you begin to doubt, look away from the Katie Curics toward the nineteen year old bleeding American Marine in Injun Country--at great risk to himself and his fellows--as he takes aim at another Ali Baba, making as certain as he can that he not kill the children and the innocent. You pay attention to this American warrior and his commander-in-chief. Watch their actions, listen to their words, note their resolution. Love them for their courage, and honor their commitment to our just cause. Be resolute my fellow citizens, this world was not made to be won by those who promote murder and slavery and savagery. Have faith the right makes might.

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Well and rightly said, Peter. We must stay the course because it is both right and in our interest to do so. We are at risk of "another Vietnam" for the same reasons as before, viz., clever enemy tactics to fool (willingly or unwillingly) our media and the intellectual elite, who beat the government down until it gives up. By God, we should not do it this time!

Point made, but who is really telling the truth in Iraq. It can’t be Senor and Kimmitt--they seem far too progammed to actually let the facts get in the way of their version of the truth.
The army has its PR and the insurgents have their PR. The American press was lied to regarding the "imminent threat, WMD and being hailed as heroes as we march down into Bagdad", along with many other lies and exaggerations. They are now not trusting anyone and consequently reporting more hearsay because of this distrust. If one watches any European television, it would seem that what we have is the beginning of a long civil war. Somewhere in this mess is the truth. Today is the 22nd of April and already over 100 fatalities and countless maimings have taken place. The body count for Iraqi deaths has just been lowered by a factor of 5. My point is:this is a mess and no one wants the real truth to come out because war is hell and as Jack Nicleson once said--You can’t handle the truth (it would be too emotional)

Some wiseass once said, "Don’t start a fight unless you get something worthwhile when you win."

What is it that you expect to get when you win? If you’re just involved to be charitable, why not start within your own borders? $87 billion spent on universal medicare for US citizens would have been very nice.

Bush et al have to explain their priorities better. For all that they are supposed to control the media, they sure have a problem getting a coherent message out about what it is that they are trying to do in this world.

No answers? OK then, carry on killing. The US seems to do that very well.

Hear, hear! Sehr gut, Herr Professor Schramm!

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