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Serious Issue: Supply Lines

One of the major problems in recent days around Baghdad are the roads. The major artery to the west of the city has been Code Amber for about a week, as has the major artery to the south. Putting this into perspective, a clear road (Code Green) is still subject to random IED attacks. An Amber road, as I understand it, is not fully secure, and is known to have at least some roving Ali Baba. A notice was sent out this morning stating that several sections of road have been closed indefinitely for repairs and public safety reasons. The notice also says that those driving on the road may be considered anti-Coalition, and fired upon.

Given this insecure condition, a number of convoys have been targeted. I received word from a well-placed source today that there have been 82 convoys hit in Iraq in the last 10 days, leading to resignations by 200 civilian contractor drivers. An Army travels on its stomach, and the Army, the CPA, and KBR food services rely on shipments of food from Kuwait. I am told that the Green Zone may have as little as six days worth of food and water provisions left, and that five of those days are MREs. I will bring you more on this when I am able to confirm this information and get some details from the brass.

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I’m reading this and it sounds like the U.S. is trapped in Baghdad! Are there contingency plans to re-supply the city or was it always assumed that the roads would be open?

Again, I have not spoken with the brass about this, and it does not appear that a briefing is on the docket for today. But even if the convoys are sitting ducks, we still control the skies, and I presume that if things get dire they will bring in supplies that way.

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