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Abu Ghraib panic

Charles Krauthammer explains that the panic that has set in, even among some of Bush’s supporters, over Abu Ghraib, is unseemly at best. Our objectives are being achieved. TGhere is no reason for Rumsfeld to resign. Oh, and isn’t it interesting that Janet Reno didn’t resign over Waco (where over seventy people died), even though she took full responsibility?

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Janet took full responsibility. What more can you ask for in a time of peace? Now in war--thats another story--then she should resign.

The fact is that Senators from both sides of the aisle are failing in the duty to lead the country with moderation and statesmanly calm. Instead they are becoming an orgy of emotive fretfulness. No spine, and no learnin’, and no Jesus...they are products of the moment...nearly the lot of them. The press is just followoing their lead.

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