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Abu Ghraib

Charles Krauthammer on FOX News about the pictures from Abu Ghraib prison: "I think there has been a huge overreaction. Obviously it is a terrible thing, it shouldn’t have happened and the people who did it are going to be punished. Let’s put it in context, nobody was killed, nobody was maimed.... This has been the most humanitarian occupation in history. The fact is the Arabs are outraged over this. Where was the outrage when the four Americans in Fallujah were murdered and burned and desecrated? Where is the outrage when women and children are used as human shields? Where was the outage for 30 years when Saddam Hussein routinely tortured and maimed and humiliated. When I here all this Arab outrage I see it as highly selective, highly anti-American and highly hypocritical. I think our response ought to be we’re sorry, it shouldn’t have happened, we’re going to punish who did it, and then carry on." (via Realclearpolitics.)

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