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James Dunnigan notes: "The U.S. Army, which is taking the bulk of the casualties in Iraq, is still getting more volunteers than it needs. Standards have remained high, but the numbers needed have gone up as well. With over 6,000 casualties in Iraq during the last year, the number of new troops needed this year has been increased from 72,000 to 77,000. Most of the wounded troops return to duty, but all are out of action for days, or months, or forever in the case of the dead and crippled. This is all uncharted territory for the army, as it has been over 150 years since it was in a long war with an all-volunteer force."

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BCT not to mention deployment, would cease to function with an army that wasn’t all-volunteer. The IET environment would be impossible to maintain, and moral would skydive. A great deal of the moral/mental power needed to make it all work requires an all-volunteer Army.

It’d be helpful for those of us without an intimate knowledge of military affairs if you could spell out acronyms like "BCT" and "IET."

BCT=Basic Trainning
IET=soilder in trainning(TRADOC term) to include AIT.
TRADOC=Branch in charge of all trainning
AIT=Advanced Infantry Training.
AIT is were soilders go after Basic to learn MOS.
MOS= Job (military occupational specialty)
OCONUS=outside 48 states
CONUS=inside 48 states
HI and Alaska are OCONUS. SWAT=South West Asian Theatre= Iraq+Afghanistan.

" With over 6,000 casualties in Iraq during the last year"

Can anyone elaborate on this number? Is this how many Americans have died in combat?

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