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Black flight from public schools

This New York Times article is very much worth reading and noting: It talks about the flight to private schools by blacks, and how it is accelerating. Also see Black Alliance for Educational Options  

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I’m trying to get this straight. New York black parents think that the public schools are not educating their children and that the schools are dens of drugs and violence. Further, they would like the option, through vouchers, to send their children to an independent black or Catholic or some other private school with high academic standards, uniforms, safety, and traditional morals and religion. I’m shocked!!! Why don’t they give the public schools a chance? Don’t they know they are destroying the public school system by giving into some white conspiratorial agenda by the conservative, racist Republicans and their evangelical cronies? OK, OK, I stop the sarcasm.

The truth is, I am grateful that these disadvantaged children of various races and incomes are finally given an opportunity for a real education and a shot at the American Dream. For too long the liberal racists have forced, cajoled, and tricked the people into accepting their failed public schools. I am relieved to see that they are taking action for their children’s betterment. Nothing made me more angry or want to weep as much as when I saw images on the news of people angrily and almost violently defending their failed community schools.

What would be particularly interesting to know would be how many of the African American parents sending their children to private schools are teachers in the public schools.

It might be as high of a figure as the number of white liberals who defend public schools and their teacher unions(who spend dues on pro-abortion rallies, among other causes totally unrelated to their mission), demanding that the poor and blacks maintain their faith in the schools but then send their own kids to fancy private schools with $15,000 price tags or more.

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