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Fallujah Retreat?

The Belmont Club has some clarifying observations on what might be going on in both Fallujah and Najaf. A different picture emerges than the one we get from the news: We are still in control (this is a "military initiative of the American Marines"), the Fallujah brigade is more a political force force than an actual military entity, and the whole thing smells more like a political trick than a defeat. There are many chessboard-like moves, some more visible than others. Consider it. But also consider Mac Owens’ argument for crushing the insurgents in Fallujah, and doing it now, else we will seem to be paper tigers. My high-stomached instinct is with Owens, yet I am not yet persuaded that we will not achieve our ends with our current chess moves. Lear: "Have more than thou showest, speak less than thou knowest."

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