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Fukuyama and Huntington

These two interviews are worth noting. Francis Fukuyama is not sure whether or not he’ll vote for Bush, and Sam Huntington will vote for Kerry. (Thanks to NRO)

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Mostly, I just enjoyed reading Huntington in the NYT and seeing how incredulous the interviewer was that an academic was betraying the liberal party line. Read the questions again, as if one would not pick it up the first time around.

Professor Huntington’s clear-headed analysis of the state of American society should lead him to full support -- however reluctant -- for the Republican party. The fact that it doesn’t, and indeed that he is for Kerry, proves how few real friends conservatives have in academe, and that Huntington isn’t one of them. In the end, perhaps he’s trying to be a good Harvard man. Because it’s hard to believe he’s that stupid. He will find that his recent National Interest article, etc., is so far past the permissible liberal lines that his support for Kerry will not make up for it. He’ll be professor non grata throughout Blue America.

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