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My Michael Dukakis Moment

Last week, fourth platoon moved some M-113 Armored Personnel Carriers to a checkpoint in the southern part of their area of operations, and ran an IED sweep on the way. These tracked vehicles have a driver’s hatch in the front, a gunner’s hatch up top, and a personnel compartment in the rear with a large roof hatch that opens so that the men in that compartment can take up gunning positions on the sides of the vehicle. The platoon I am with is a cavalry platoon—more specifically armored (tank) cavalry. Their vehicle of choice is the Abrams tank, so the M-113s are a bit diminutive to them. This trip allowed me to try out my best Dukakis impression, albeit riding in the personnel compartment. As luck would have it, I was the one with the camera, so I avoided any Dukakis-like pictures. I do have some pictures of the professionals at work, which I will post as soon as the internet moves fast enough to load some more images.

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Needless to say, Alt’s "George Bush" moment will be when he wanders onto the middle of a raging battlefield - wearing a flight suit, of course - and declares that the fighting is over.

Hey Starbuck, if you had any military knowledge at all, you’d know that anyone who flies in a fighter jet must wear a flight suit. And get over the "mission accomplished" syndrome already; we’ve gotten over Gore’s attempted shenanigans in Florida.

The fact that he wore a flight suit while in a jet is not the issue, you buffoon. Its the fact that he just had to fly in on a fighter just in the first place.

Of course, I shouldn’t complain. Antics such as the USS Abraham landing and Bush making a trophy out of Saddam Hussein’s pistol simply back up what most of us already know --- that he’s just a spoiled, simple-minded little daddy’s boy who has spent the last four years "playing war."

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