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The economy grew at a "4.4 percent annual pace from January through March, faster than estimated last month, as businesses replenished inventories, government spending rose and home construction accelerated.

The reading on gross domestic product, the value of all goods and services produced, compares with a previously reported 4.2 percent rate and a 4.1 percent fourth-quarter pace, the Commerce Department said in Washington. Initial jobless claims fell by 3,000 to 344,000 last week, the Labor Department said." And also note this: "Corporate profits jumped 31.6 percent in the year ended in March, the biggest increase since the first quarter of 1984, the Commerce Department’s report showed. A rebound in manufacturing and more investment in new equipment will enable the economy to keep growing for the rest of the year." That’s that. Now let the ebb and flow of war in Iraq become even a poor and mangled peace and there will be an end to carping.

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An end to carping?? You are an optimist. Carping is the whole purpose of the Democratic Party today

You seem to have a rather short memory, Steve.
When Reagan was running for president in 80, he and his fellows on the right did a **lot** of carping. There was "get the govt off the backs of the people," and "get the govt out of the lives of the people." And let’s not forget the repeated carping about the "flow of red ink" under the big spending democrats. A steady chorus of those types of carps had been heard for many years. Until, that is, the right gained complete control of congress and the presidency.

"When Reagan was running for president in 80, he and his fellows on the right did a **lot** of carping."

A salient observation, sir! Now, let us translate the "carping" of the present-day liberal:

"We need to get government back onto the backs of the American people!" Or...

"Every American must be regulated by the federal government in Washington!" And finally...

"The problem in America today is that there is not enough red ink flowing out across this great land from the shores of the Potomac!"

Yeah, well, that does about sum up the Democrats message.

Dittos, Mark. As to carping, at least Reagan’s carping contained a program.

One conservative pulls some straw man quotes out of his ass and the other conservative pats him on the back.

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