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This Opinion Dynamics/FOX News poll is worth a look (thanks to Instapundit). Note that most Americans think the media is out of step with American public opinion. Note the response to a few questions: "On the situation in Iraq today, where do you think most of the problems are being created?" In the news media 27%, In Iraq 23, In Washington, DC, or 18." Another: "Which of the following news stories upset you more?" The beheading of an American
civilian by Muslim terrorists 60%, The abuse of Iraqi prisoners
by U.S. soldiers 8%. One more: "Do you think the media spent an excessive amount of time covering either of the following news stories?" The Iraqi prisoner abuse story 34%, The beheading of American Nick Berg 9%.

Now, note what Morton Kondracke has to say on the media: "The American establishment, led by the media and politicians, is in danger of talking the United States into defeat in Iraq. And the results would be catastrophic.

The media - unperturbed by mistakenly likening both the Afghan war and last year’s invasion of Iraq to Vietnam - focuses overwhelmingly on the bad news coming out of Iraq. There is plenty of bad news - but there is also much good, and it is being almost completely ignored."

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Why don’t I see a Starbuck snippet here? Perhaps he ignores bad news and focuses only on good. perhaps...

Because it’s nonsense... not worth commenting on. Much like you, troll.

It’s easy. Starbucks=Troll. Startroll has not added even one insight.

The findings make sense. Even here, in the second wackiest county in California, there’s a lot of people who don’t trust the media; I was just talking about this with a co-worker last week.

The alternative media (web, radio, etc) really do have an impact. I know of a number of people who never watch TV (after all, if it’s a matter of fixing the TV or the PC....)

Simply because 99% of what I have to say is over your head Tony, doesn’t mean that I’ve not added insight.

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