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While Colorado’s two Republican primary candidates have been described as "virtually identical" on the majority of conservative social issues, there is one issue on which they have now diverged: beer. It seems that Peter Coors would prefer 18 as the minimum drinking age. (Shocking!) His opponent, Bob Schaffer, is content with the status quo. Of course, Coors is doing his best to frame this as a states’ rights issue.

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Jared Keller has a great summary of this race.

Mr. Stewart, you are correct the candidates are very similar. Mr. Schaffer has the political experience (and as a result, the support of the party leadership), while Mr. Coors has the "real world" experience.

Mr. Keller rightly points out the importance of "saving the seat", and electing ANY Republican over Ken Salazar (the Democratic Nominee).


I read the article, and I had to agree with Coors. The federal gov’t shouldn’t be interfering in the affairs of the states in this regard, not only on this issue but a wide variety of them (Helmet laws, etc). I am unsure about lowering the drinking age, but this should be a STATE by STATE issue, as Pete Coors rightly labelled it, not a FEDERAL one. Great to see a man argue principle rather than politcal hack issues.

Unfortunately, the people with what we call "real world" experience have no track record of fighting the left -- certainly none that is comparable to Mr. Schaffer’s. I don’t want a senator who comes from corporate ranks unless he is a very extraordinary man indeed.
I want someone who has invested a significant part of his life in politics and government -- who has seen our adversary operate firsthand, is used to standing up to him, and has a voting record that we can examine.

In addition, there is at least one other reason why the stated positions of Schaffer and Coors (and the similarity of those positions) mean less than some people think. We need to know not only what someone says, but how seriously he feels about it and how willing he is to fight for it.

Mr. Frisk: So you oppose the idea of a non-career politician? You oppose a modern day Cincinnatus, a farmer of barley and brewer of hops?

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