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Cuomizing Lincoln

I few weeks ago I was suckered into buying a book by Mario Cuomo called Why Lincoln Matters. I should have known better. Read about half of it by the time I realized that it wasn’t about Lincoln at all. I meant to bring it to your attention and ask you not to buy it, then serious things intervened, like watching Mario praising Michael Moore’s so-called documentary on Larry King, I got angry and forgot all about his repulsive attempt to Cuomize Lincoln, to pull Lincoln into every petty and base policy that Cuomo and liberals favor. Now

Andrew Ferguson has done us a good deed by slicing Mario’s not so crafty effort into pieces. This is not a book about Lincoln and is not worth reading, but Ferguson’s elegant and amusing review in The Weekly Standard is; see how Cuomo makes the great Lincoln small, see how Lincoln understood equality as equality of condition and of outcome, see how Lincoln was really in favor of higher taxes, see how Lincoln practiced the politics of inclusion and diversity, see how get the point.

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