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Related to Jeremy Rabkin’s piece on the Geneva Convention and those held at Gitmo, is this story coming from Bolt Hall law school:

"A group of students at the University of California’s Boalt Hall School of Law circulated a petition last week calling on law professor John Yoo to ’repudiate’ a 2002 memo he had written when he worked for the Bush Justice Department or ’resign’ his academic post. The memo advised that the Geneva conventions did not apply to al Qaeda and Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. Oddly, the petition writers claimed that their attempt to drive Yoo from academia did not ’constitute an attack on academic freedom.’"

Here is Yoo’s brief bio, and his homepage where you can access some of his law articles on the issue. He is, of course, a perfectly reasonable and decent guy, hence the witch-hunt. This is a piece by Yoo on why the lines between Abu Ghraib and Guantamo shouldn’t be blurred.

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Yet another proof that "progressives" believe in tolerance ONLY for those who share their beliefs.

Yeah, kind of like Daniel Pipes

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