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Media bias in Iraq

I continue to be amazed at the simple-minded bias of the national media on Iraq. Watching TV last night was otherwordly: the Iraqis got "so-called" sovereignty a few days early because they were afraid; it was a stealthy proceeding; reporters were not informed, therefore the whole thing touches on illegitimacy; this means very little since the country is in turmoil; there were no celebrations in the street, bad sign; Bush thought he was clever passing pieces of paper back and forth and shaking hands with Blair; how could Alawi be legitimate when he was a paid informant for the CIA?; the cup is half empty, etc. But, of course, it’s not just TV that is biased.

Eric M. Johnson, a Marine Corps reservist, takes a close look at the Washington Post’s Rajiv Chandrasekaran’s reporting from Iraq and finds his integrity wanting. He makes much of especially this piece of biased reporting on the Mayor of Kut. (Thanks to Instapundit)  

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honestly, why would you ever be surprised that the media is simple minded, ever, ever. I personally don’t think it is terribly biased in the liberal sense, but i do think that it is entirely incapable of complicated storylines.

In this case, I certainly don’t think the turnover of sovereignty ahead a schedule was much of a show of strength. It was likely wise, but definitely a sign of relative weakness.

I dont see it as a show of strength nor a sign of weakness. Although it is not a true turnover of authority to Iraq (as in all aspects, we still retain the right to act militarily etc), it seems more of a planned "monkey wrench" action to me. "We will turn over authority on Jun 30" we were told over and over and over. "Rage against the American Occupiers until the turnover" the Islamofascists proclaimed. Then on Jun 28, we slid the key under the door, basically saying to the terrorist element, "now what?". As with most actions in war, only history will tell whether or not it was a wise one. Personally, I think it may have been the right one.

I think this shows another wisdom in the early handover.

no doubt that it is wise. truly no doubt. But it is wise b/c it recognizes our current weakness and foils the ill intent of our foes despite not being able to stop them at all times.

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