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The good old Church of England continues its slide toward irrelevancy with its never-ending quest to be relevant. According to a squib in today’s Wall Street Journal, a new edition of the prayer book is due out in the fall. Instead of the usual version of Psalm 23 ("Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil"), the new version will read: "Even if a full-scale violent confrontation breaks out I will not be afraid, Lord."


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"Even if a full-scale violent confrontation breaks out I will not be afraid, Lord."

We need one more translation of that verse: "Even if our liberal leader agrees with Dubya I will not be afraid, Lord."

Given that translation easily exceeds "a full-scale violent confrontation," I suspect there is no reply suitable from "God" that can overcome fearful Churchgoers in England on this disaster.

It is highly unlikely there will be a new prayer book out in the C of E, because to offically replace the Book of Common Prayer would be to repeal the Act of Uniformity, which is still active English law. And touching that Act would also have to touch the Act of Union, which reaffirms that act. Now C of E parishes may rely on some modern subsitute created by the lefty elites that control the C of E hiarachy, but the only the Book of Common Prayer is authorized by Act of Parliment and given that the C of E is the established Church of her Majestry and appointment of Bishops is a power of HM’s gov’t, I doubt Mr. Blair want anyone to suggest a revision making the new Version the Authorized one, cause that means tampering with the Act of Union and a bunch of Scots might use that as an excuse to say.. na, we’d rather not be in a Union with you guys anylonger. And that mean, by by Labor majority, relying on all those Scotish and Welch seats. Actually ironicly the only shot the Tories have if they sought to disestablish the C of E and the untying the knot of Unions that would require.

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