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Trip to the Capitol

Beth Vaderkooi reports on her experience in going to the capitol yesterday. Another former student, Alyssa Guthrie, writes: "We got off the Metro around 3:30 and were caught up in the waves of
people headed towards Constitution Avenue. We got fairly close to the
road, but by the time the casket rolled by, the crowd was at least
twenty people deep. After the funeral procession, we got in line for
the Rotunda viewing. The heat was overwhelming. It was easily 95
degrees with 100% humidity. A steady stream of ambulances were parked
behind the crowd, and one left every 30 to 45 minutes carrying someone
who had succumbed to heat exhaustion or dehydration. Despite all of
that, the spirits of the crowd were quite high. People shared anecdotes
about Ronald Reagan and a genuine sense of community grew up among those
put together. Most of the people around us had traveled quite a
distance - the ladies in front of us had flown in from Atlanta that
morning. The closer we moved towards the Capitol, however, the more the
mood changed. The crowd became quieter and more respectful. By the
time we walked by the casket, no one was speaking. Even children and
babies quieted down. Veterans silently saluted and some people put
their hands over their hearts. What struck me most about the crowd was
the fact that the majority of them were their simply because they loved
Ronald Reagan. A few mentioned that they came because it was
"historical" or an "important event." But I think most just had a quiet
need to honor the president that they loved so much - you just don’t
wait in line in scorching heat for 6 hours to be involved in a "news
event." The talk about putting Reagan on Mt. Rushmore or the $10 bill
has already started, but I really thought that the most appropriate
memorial for President Reagan was the loving throng of people who came
from all over the country to pay their respects. People who loved him,
I think, almost as much as he loved them."

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