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The Belmont Club continues to reveal that he thinks and writes (O.K., I’m envious). This three page essay is very much worth reading, it is titled, "The Revolution Within the Revolution," and considers the massive shift in politics (understood most broadly) that has taken place since 9/11; how the unwritten constitution, the seeming civilizational norms of the liberals have been overthrown (Leftism), how Bush has become the enemy, and the liberals the supporters of the ancien regime, and what may be consequences; certainly electing John Kerry will not restore the antebellum world. Very thoughtful. Ponder.    

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Brilliant essay. And conservatives must openly reject the Establishment’s Brezhnev Doctrine as boldly as President Reagan did the Soviets.’ The parallels here are substantial.

Leftists of a particular stripe are taking isolationist stands that both encourage the maintenance of evil regimes that grossly violate human rights, act as if a Marshall Plan to radical Islamic fundamentalists are going to cure them of their hatred of us, and that the UN, after decades of failure, are somehow going to achieve a peaceful world for all to live in as there would be no more terrorism and evil regimes through its inaction, condemnations, and sanctions in the face of overwhelming evil.

The problem for the Democrats will be to distance themselves from this myopic vision of the post-9/11 world but not appear to be engaging in me-tooism with Bush. Kerry will have to provide real answers and prove to the American people that he will make us truly safe and seek to end evil regimes around the world that intend us harm either directly or indirectly without doing the same thing Bush is doing and yet also be effective. Nothing Kerry has said would convince me that somehow he would have a more effective foreign policy and make me switch my vote. In some ways, Kerry wouldn’t radically alter Bush’s foreign policy - because let’s face it, the American people wouldn’t stand for it - but then why vote for the guy? And, if he is going to radically alter it, maybe that’s a frightening alternative.

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