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Zarqawi Update

The latest round of coordinated attacks appear to have revealed something new: a possible marriage of convenience between former regime elements and Abu Musab al Zarqawi. According to a senior military official with whom I spoke, the attacks tend to show the coordination and spectacular effect which are hallmarks of al Qaeda, while integrating tactics and weapons that are more characteristic of former regime elements. There are rumors that Izzat Ibrahim al Duria, Saddam’s trusted advisor, pledged allegiance to Zarqawi. The official with whom I spoke doubted this, but suggested that it could be that he is jumping ship from the Ba’athists to increase his impact.

The official also noted that the Coalition has gotten very good human intelligence leading to the series of recent strikes against Zarqawi. One source which the military official cited as "very helpful" is Umar Baziani, the Zarqawi operative and former Ansar al Islam mastermind captured earlier this month.

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Impossible! Everyone knows that the Ba’athists are incapable of cooperating or working with al Qaeda terrorists. Doctrinal purity. Or something.

Surely Congress will appoint an impartial committee to look into to this prepostorous statement! ;-)

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