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92% of Ivy League faculty money goes to Kerry

David M found out something interesting, but not surprsing, about which condidates Ivy League faculty support with money:(thanks to Andrew Sullivan): "In my queries, I found 792 donations to the 2004 campaigns of Bush and Kerry from individuals employed by Ivy League schools. An astonishing 92% of those donations were to Kerry. Dartmouth had the highest percent for Kerry (97%) and Princeton the highest for Bush (16%). Harvard had more than double the total donations of any other school, while Brown and Dartmouth had the fewest total donations." Here are the results:

Brown: Kerry 24, Bush 3 (Kerry 89%)

Columbia: Kerry 118, Bush 18 (Kerry 87%)

Cornell: Kerry 76, Bush 6 (Kerry 93%)

Dartmouth: Kerry 30, Bush 1 (Kerry 97%)

Harvard: Kerry 280, Bush 17 (Kerry 94%)

Penn: Kerry 38, Bush 2 (Kerry 95%)

Princeton: Kerry 74, Bush 14 (Kerry 84%)

Yale: Kerry 85, Bush 6 (Kerry 93%)

TOTAL: Kerry 725, Bush 67 (Kerry 92%)

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This is not at all surprising -the great majority of those in academia have been favorable to liberal causes for a long time. Don’t know of any polls directed at this constituency, but it seems to be true across the board. This is one reason why William Rusher urged a "cleansing" of the academy back in Reagan’s first term. Along the same lines, 47 Nobel winners recently came out against Bush.

As Homer Simpson once said, "Mel Brooks is Jewish?"

The local William & Mary professors have given $150K of which 100% went to Kerry. This repeats the ’02 elections in which the same 100% went to Democrats. Now, I just thought that I would share that I was speaking one evening with some of the college students who were history and politics majors. They told me, "All of our professors hate America. I’ve learned everything that we’ve done wrong as a country." Then, in frustration, noted, "They’re a bunch of communists."

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the American Association of University Women gave 100% of their money to the Democrats as well. I guess their made about the oppressive, patriarchial society that gives them tenure at $100,000 a pop! Hegemons!

Tony, with your burning desire for the truth, the academic landscape will no doubt be changing in the future. Were the students you were speaking to from William And Mary?

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