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Daniel W. Drezner and Henry Farrell have a draft of a paper, "The Power and Politics of Blogs," to be delivered at the APSA in the Fall (a bit too "academic" for my taste, I should note, but for all I know these guys are trying to get tenure). Farrell gives summary of the paper on his blog. There are some more comments on the paper, with interesting links, at Drezner’s blog. The mass media is in decline, newspaper circulation is down, and, most important, there is less trust in the established media than ever (see the New York Times’ coverage of the Sandy Berger matter, just to cite the latest example). So it is not surprising that alternate, often literate and even thoughtful, daily commentary is becoming--has become--quite interesting (with a lot of readers) and the media elites are forced to pay attention. What really makes them angry is that bloggers are honest and they encourage conversation. They don’t hide their opinions and like defending them. There is something quite democratic (and even populist) about all this. And it is an irritant to the elites. So far so good. But here is an attack on bloggers by an establishment type at the Kennedy School (that’s Harvard). Pretty lame.

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"vulgarity, scorching insults, bitter denunciations, one-sided arguments, erroneous assertions and the array of qualities that might be expected from a blustering know-it-all in a bar." Is this describing the New York Times and their coverage of President Bush or their Barabara Ehrenreich’s editorials or an attack on the ’blogosphere?’ I just get so confused all the time.

I just sent an email to our group commenting on this article. I included a post I made on Drezner’s blog site:

Ron Wright, Moderator
HSPIG Forums Site


Hey I think you guys are onto to something. See my post below to Henry’s blog site.

Needless to say I believe the American people are hungry for real information that the mainline media has failed to report. Without objective reporting the American people can’t make informed decisions in the presidential election.

The media has failed to educate the American people on the War On Terror. The American people need to understand this is a war of ideologies and cultures. This is a war against transnational terrorists who share a common bound of Islamofascism. Their fanatical religious mission is to kill or convert everyone of us.

In the end this is a war they will lose because Islamofascism is a failed idealogy. The question is at what cost to the free world. Our media’s "rooting" for the enemy only emboldens and prolongs this war. They don’t understand our freedoms and interpret our public debate as a sign of weakness. In fact our freedom is at the core of why they hate us so much.

The media is reporting a distorted view from Iraq, with its "doom and gloom." For a sense of perspective read the reports (blogs)coming from native Iraqis. These brave souls are the true foreign correspondents of this war. Their perspective is much different than what is being reported here.

Iraq was on the verge of having nuclear capability just not in Iraq (Try the tunnels in Libya). Our media has failed to report or refute this story because they are too focused on not finding WMD in Iraq, "Where’s the beef?" They have been unable to see the forest for the trees.

The danger is the free world will fail to take action to disarm Iran before it achieve nuclear capability. Iran is playing a game of "talk talk tan tan" while at the same time working feverishly to construct their own nuke. The strategic consequences of this are unimaginable.

There is a rising Islamofascist movement in northwest Pakistan. Pakistan already has nuclear capability which could fall into the hands of the Islamofascists. Fortunately the trigger locks are being recoded as we speak.

The fate of the world as we know may rest with the Israelis. In the recent comments by the IAEA’s director, Israel may have been given the green light to neutralize Iran’s nuclear program just as they did in Iraq in the 1980’s.

Now have we heard one word about this in media whether true or untrue? I rest my case. Go figure!

Here’s an interesting thought as to the potential political power of the blogosphere. Bloggers can focus the world’s attention on Iran. The ruling theocracy every day is growing smaller and smaller. The "Joyless Generation," is growing more restless by the day. If the light of the free world shines on Iran its represive government may implode. Yes, there is a metaphorical reference here to the, "Trilogy of the Rings."

The media is no longer the only provider of information.

Ron Wright, Moderator
HPSIG Forums Site

The media as we know it may be replaced as the main source of information by the Blogosphere.

See two recent pieces on our site:

The blogosphere just may be the key element necessary to implode repressive regimes. The free flow of information now transcends political boundaries and without the constraints and biases of media editorial and conglomerate boardrooms.

The endless power of the truth and objective information is what is needed to crush the failed ideology of Islamofascism we are at war with. The power of the great lie no longer controls. Final solutions can no longer occur in secret.
posted by: Ron Wright on 07.25.04 at 08:47 PM [permalink]
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