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Arnold and the girlie-men

It looks like Arnold is back. He is not amused that Demos are being intransigent with his policies and the budget. So he is showing them his other side. I hope he keeps it up until the election. He may just be able to overthrow them yet. The LA Times runs this article on Arnold asking the voters to "terminate" those politicians who are too tied to special interests (i.e., Democrats): "Legislators, [writes the LA Times] he said at a rally in the food court of the Ontario Mills shopping center, are ’part of a bureaucracy that is out of shape, that is out of date, that is out of touch and that is definitely out of control in Sacramento.’

Schwarzenegger added, ’They cannot have the guts to come out there in front of you and say, "I don’t want to represent you. I want to represent those special interests: the unions, the trial lawyers’…. I call them girlie men. They should get back to the table, and they should finish the budget."’
Some people are outraged by these comments. Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, a Democrat, said that while he wasn’t upset by the remark, his 13-year-old daughter was. She finds the term derogatory. Hugh Hewitt, bless him, has a few words to say on the subject. His opponents reaction to Arnold’s comments is, Hewitt says, "illustrative of the teeth-grinding, utterly humorless state into which the Kerry-Moore Democrats have sunk, including their west cost branch." Right. And the Governor will not apologize. Good.

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Finally a politician with the guts to slap political correctness in the mouth. Help Arnold kill PC!

I suspect Arnold has been inhaling
fumes given off by his bikini wax;
or perhaps he’s out of sorts when
his leg shaving is neglected.

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