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David Frum thinks that the Demo convention will have a tough time stifling its rage and paranoia, even though it can count on getting favorable media coverage. The
Wall Street Journal
lists the 35 accredited bloggers to the Demo
convention. First time bloggers have been accredited to a convention. (And, of course, there are 15,000 traditional journalists and reporters also accredited. This means that there are 3 reporters for every delegate?) The only one I read daily is
Oxblog, they’re moderate Demos, Lieberman supporters. Speaking of blogs, the editor of the Sioux Fall Argus Leader, a vehemently pro-Daschle organ, hates bloggers and says they are yahoos. Then, to counter bloggers he doesn’t like, he has decided to set up his own blog. John Fund also has a piece on bloggers. In case you are excited about Jimmy Carter’s appearance at the convention (and if you don’t have time to read Steve Hayward’s The Real Jimmy Carter), you may want to read this interview Hayward did at NRO on Carter. To the point, amusing, Steve asserts that Jimmy has Carterized the Democratic Party.

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