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Cuomo Mangles Lincoln on NPR

Making the rounds for his new book, Why Lincoln Matters: Now More than Ever, former NY governor Mario Cuomo was interviewed on NPR this morning.
"Lessons from Lincoln for Today’s World,"
was only a 4-minute bit, but Cuomo manages to say Lincoln broke the Constitution, would have supported Roe v. Wade, made no argument for belief in God, and would be against preemptive war.

The audio is worth listening to, if only to hear the interviewer correct Cuomo when the latter claims that despite Lincoln’s many citations of the Bible, he "doesn’t talk about God." Steve Inskeep reminds the author (of more than one book on Lincoln) of the line in the Second Inaugural, "as God gives us to see the right," and concludes that in Lincoln’s writings "there are references to God." Stung by what almost everyone knows about Lincoln, Cuomo tries to assert his authority as an experienced politician by saying, "I’m better at this than you," and asks if Lincoln might have used religion for political purposes. Cuomo answers, "All I know is, Lincon was a master politician." Amazing how Cuomo, who claims to admire Lincoln, ends up denigrating his memory.

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Mario said something priceless, "Lincoln invented the income tax, it was unconstitutional, but so what, he needed the money". It is priceless because it is true Cuomo.

The Inskeep correction is pretty good, although he later sucks up to Cuomo.

Here is an idea. Since I work for Merrill Lynch, let me follow the Cuomo model and write a book on, say biochemical reaction of Hydrogen Peroxide. I am obviously qualified to do so since I work right next door to FMC.

That works. I wonder if NPR will interview me.

What a pompous wrong jerk Cuomo is for that entire brief 4 minutes. "I’m better at this than your are", says Cuomo. Apparently not because Cuomo can’t even get his facfts straight and acts like his opinion IS fact. Boy, I hope Michael Medved does a segment on this.

I have read into the book. Had to stop, couldn’t take it, it was awful. It is boring liberal propaganda and, basically has nothing to do with Lincoln: It is Cuomo--in the most pedestrian way--trying to attach his opinions with what he thinks Lincoln’s opinions should be (that is, Cuomo’s). I have also seen him on a few news shows, and maybe a stint on C-Span. Simply awful, all the way through. Years ago, I remember taking Cuomo seriously as a serious Liberal spokesman. No more. Is the best they can do? Yes.

How in the flying hell does Cuomo know if Lincoln would support Roe v. Wade?

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