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Charles Krauthammer tells us what he thinks in no uncertain terms: "Before Sept. 11, France’s Gaullist anti-Americanism as a form of ostentatious self-aggrandizement was an irritant. With a war on — three, in fact: Afghanistan, Iraq and the larger war on terrorism — France’s willful obstructionism becomes dangerous and deadly." Now things are clearer: "There is something far deeper going on here. Beyond the anti-Americanism is an attempt to court the Muslim and Arab world. For its own safety and strategic gain, France is seeking a "third way" between America and its enemies. Chirac’s ultimate vision is a France that is mediator and bridge between America and Islam. During the cold war, Charles de Gaulle invented this idea of a third force, withdrawing France from the NATO military structure and courting Moscow as a counterweight to Washington. Chirac, declaring in Istanbul that "we are not servants" of America, has transposed this Gaullist policy to the struggle with radical Islam." Read it all.   

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No, they are not "servants of America". They were servants to the Nazi’s and America poured out its blood to free the French so they could turn around a take Sadam’s bloodmoney in the Food for Oil Program.

Chirac has a problem which he refuses to acknowledge.

Radical Islam is a trendsetter in the Islamic world, and if it has any steady and noteworthy track of successes then it will end up with millions of followers and no moderates to decry it.. hey, we’re almost there NOW.. and Radical Islam clearly states that it will not stop until everyone everywhere is under its control..

What makes Chirac think France will keep its "superior" culture in an Islamic Europe? He is a fool.. Islam will suppress the great Gallic culture as hard as it is trying to suppress the superficial American one.. he is reaching out his hand to shake a hand with a sword in it.. and Chirac will lose that hand, and French culture, in a single long slow blow which is already in process of being struck..

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