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Germans and their beer

A survey indicates that 17% of Germans drink beer only to get drunk, but only 8% of Brits drink to become stupefied. I have never understood how anyone can drink enough beer to become drunk.

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You’ve never understood how anyone could drink enough beer to get drunk?
You must be a pretty big sized fellow. Or you don’t like the taste.

"Pinkmonkeybird"??? - that sounds like a drink itself, with a little umbrella of course. You must not know Peter - because I think both of the above - his beautiful girth and fondness for a real man’s drink - apply to him! Bottom’s up! I’m going to go have a drink! Three cheers for General Washington! Huzzah!

You just haven’t found the right beer.

Knock down three or four bottle of La Fin Du Monde and you’ll change your mind.

As a former bartender, I must chime in and destroy a few myths:
Beer has les alcohol than a mixed drink.
You can drink more beer and not get drunk.
These are both myths that contribute to drunken driving convictions daily.

The truth:
one 12oz beer contains alcohol comparable to a highball(rum/coke,gin/tonic, etc)
After two beers, or two mixed drinks, be careful driving home. You may not feel impaired, but if pulled over, you will blow a 0.09 or 0.08% on a breathalyzer. This will get you a trip to jail and some expensive fines/lawyer fees, depending on the various state laws.

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