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Moore to be Embraced by Red China?

This news report claims that "Fahrenheit 9/11" is likely to become the first western documentary [sic] to be imported to the People’s Republic of China. I’ll bet that if Saddam were still in power in Iraq, he would have permitted it as well. Not to mention the Taliban in Afghanistan.

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So what do the Chi-Coms, Hezbollah and the American Library Association have in common?

Fahrenheit 911 IS GREAT!!!

All the anti-Americans around the world will embrace this piece of trash.

Most of the posters on this site seem to have a strong negative view of this film. But it’s safe to say that few(if any) have seen it. And I haven’t heard anyone refute anything claimed in the film. When the necons start squealing the loudest, that’s a sure sign that someone has hit a nerve.

Michael Isikoff (a "neocon," perhaps?) just had piece in the latest issue of Newsweek trashing several of his biggest claims.

I don’t know that I’m a "neocon," but as to whether I should see the film before judging it, I can also honestly say that I never saw "The Eternal Jew" or any of the other anti-Semitic films made in Nazi Germany. Yet, strangely enough, I have a negative bias toward those, too....


1. I saw it. It is boringly predictable.

2. If you haven’t read anything refuting it, then read Christopher Hitchen’s review of it at Slate. I think he does a pretty good job of refuting allegations in the movie. I think Andrew Sullivan has posted some things challenging some of the allegations of the film. Check out because it is devoted to challenging Moore’s lies.

3. You can drink the Kool-Aid but don’t start screaming that "Bush Lied" because Moore has some pretty good lies in this film.

John: You may never have seen those anti-semitic movies. But you and I both know that the proponderance of evidence refuting the claims in those movies cut across all boundaries and was truly overwhelming. Furthermore, Moore’s film has no racist overtones(afaik).

pchuck: Whenever possible, I’ll make up my own mind. Just curious -what does the American Library Association have in common with Hezbollah?

I might rent the movie when it comes to video--safely after the election. But I won’t see it in theaters, for two reasons: 1) I don’t want Moore getting any of my $7.50, and 2) The thought of being surrounded by a theater full of mouth breathers and hookworm carriers, cheering and jeering like they’re at a professional wrestling card, gives me the creeps. Frankly, I’d rather watch professional wrestling.

Frank, why they are both fervant backers of this movie. At the recent ALA convention in Orlando, this was shown. In addition, they had Richard Clark and E.L. Doctorow in a anti-Bush love-fest. Whatever, do they have to do with a supposed non-partsan organization like the American Library Association? And don’t give me a tired line about censorship because Moore’s movie is not playing at a smelly art-house theater here in Omaha, Nebraska but is playing on multiple screens at my local Octoplex.

It’s nice to know what you really think of your fellow countrymen John Moser.

It’s nice to know what you really think of your fellow countrymen John Moser.

Actually, given John’s self-professed passion for Star Trek, I’d think he’d be quite used to "being surrounded by a theater full of mouth breathers and hookworm carriers."

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