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Sowell on a grand fallacy

Thomas Sowell on the Wal-Mart case and one of the "grand fallacies" of our times: "A record-breaking new class-action lawsuit against Wal-Mart claims that the retail chain discriminates against women, for which, of course, vast millions of dollars are being demanded. The New York Times aptly summarized the case: ’About 65 percent of the company’s hourly-paid workers are women, but only 33 percent of its managers are.’

The grand fallacy of our times is that various groups would be equally represented in institutions and occupations if it were not for discrimination. This preconception has undermined, if not destroyed, the crucial centuries-old legal principle that the burden of proof is on the accuser."

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Shouldn’t men be allowed to sue because Wal-mart is obviously discriminating against men in their clerk positions since men are 49% of the population and make up only 33% of the workforce? Oh yeah, I forgot, affirmative action is only aimed at those oppressive white males. You’ll have to excuse my poor memory - I was off thinking about my next group of victims to discriminate against!

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