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I mentioned yesterday that I had a very interesting discussion at the internet cafe a couple of nights ago. Here is the NRO article I wrote about my discussion with a Chinese reporter, who is writing about the freedom of Iraq--freedom which he does not have in his own country.

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That’s one of the bonuses, if you will, of an undertaking this grand. You simply have no idea how far the "ripples" will go. Only history will tell the real story, but it sure looks promising, not just for Iraq, but for the world in general.

Thx great story on the iraqi-china ripple effect. thx for speaking up in an iraqi internet cafe.

Mr. Alt: In your article you mentioned "a pro-democracy website with 10 million readers in China."
Do you have a url for that site?

He showed me several of the web sites, but unfortunately, none have English translations. He writes for two major publications, including the Beijing News, and his material is reprinted on Chinese Yahoo, which I am told is one of the major content providers in mainland China.

Am I correct then in assuming that you read Chinese?

Gordon, what’s your point? That if you can’t read Chinese then you can’t prove that there might actually be people in China who want democracy? Or are you implying that Mr. Alt invented the story?? Either way, I’m at a loss for finding a point in your barb. Of course your sarcastic assumption is not "correct." At least, it’s no more correct than the rest of us assuming by your frequent and inane comments that you lack the ability to engage in any form of discourse other than the usual liberal conspiracy prattling, sarcasm, and childish name calling. And that wouldn’t be correct either, would it?

Well said Lt.Naum

Mr. Naum, you don’t seem to have a clue so I’m going to give you one -the only one impressed by your childish little tantrum is you and probably your immature buddies. After reading Alt’s article, I was interested in the url of his Chinese friend and so I asked for it. Translation isn’t an issue because translation packages are readily available and dns resolvers perform the lookups all over the world. Now be a good boy and see if you can’t understand that.

Wow. Condescending remarks from a liberal. Thanks for proving my point, little man.

Very well said Lt Naum. As for you not having a clue, I think it is Gordon who does not have a clue! God Bless you Lt Naum, Sgt. Black and the rest of the troops.

I do not read Chinese, but I sat for over an hour and reviewed the sites with the reporter, who translated them for me. One of the sites had a picture of him, which I did not need a translator to interpret. In his translation, he included translation of both positive and negative comments made on the site regarding his columns.

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