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There He Goes Again. . .

I took time out from book writing to watch Jimmy Carter’s dreadful speech (did he forget to take all the marbles out of his mouth?), and offer my reaction on National Review Online here.

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I missed Jimmy’s speech, but apparently Jimmy never changes. His hatred of America has not diminished and his desire to humble us before Europe is unabated.
I just wish I could see what is in those Commie blackmail pictures that has kept Little Jimmy on the plantation all these years.

I thought it an awful speech - poorly written and poorly delivered, though the poor guy is an old man. That’s about as much sympathy as I have for him. As a former president whose administration had an abysmal foreign policy record and made our country the laughingstock of the world with Afghanistan and especially the Iranian hostage crisis, I find myself incredulous that he would have the nerve to attack Bush on foreign policy. Not to mention, the chronicle of selling out to countries such as the North Koreans as Mr. Hayward points out, since the end of his presidency. Most of all, I was disturbed by his blaming of the Middle Eastern tensions on George Bush. He acts as if the fifty year problem had been all but solved until him and Clinton until Bush came along. Could the radical suicide/homicide bombers have anything to do with it? If these bombers were blowing up cafes or Habitat for Humanity houses here in the U.S., he might feel a little differently about who is to blame for the breakdown in the peace process. But, to blame Bush for these problems is downright ignorant - his support for the democratic state of Israel and overthrow of a murderous thug in favor of a democracy advances peace, democracy, and prosperity in a region that has had none of it under their mullahs.

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