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Transatlantic amity is gone, and Kerry doesn’t get it

Niall Ferguson explains why Kerry is dreaming if he thinks that a European-American alliance (the way Kerry understands it) is something that is possible, or something that U.S. foreign policy can be built upon.

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Waiting for France to help you is like waiting for Godot.

Ask Czechia, Poland, Bosnia, not to mention Ruanda, Sudan.

The French foreign policy is anti-American and anti-Israeli enough to wonder what LePen might do worse.

Therefore I can’t imagine that Mr. J. Forbes Kerry doesn’t know how little help he could expect from France or Germany.

Thus it appears that the man is unbearable dishonest.

He is even worse than ’Joschka’ Hooligan Fischer who at least acknowledges his disreputable past.

If John F.K. was an honest man he wouldn’t pose with swift boat veterans but with his former VVAW pals.

I doubt it would hurt him more as his actual charade.

’more ... than’ _ sry :(

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