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Alexander’s death

This is a short summary of the disputes over the death of Alexander the Great, some are now contending that he died from the West Nilus virus rather than thyphoid. I picked this up on an interesting site (sent to me by a former student who owes me a drink) called Archeologica News. By the way, does anyone know how many cities are named after Alexander in the Middle East (not in Greek, of course, but in various local languages, e.g., Kandahar, Herat, Eskandari)?

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According to my memory of a conversation that I had once with Prof. Kenneth Harl of Tulane (a former doctoral student of Donald Kagan’s at Yale), the total number of "alexandrias" that Alexander founded was about 70.

Iskanderoun in Turkey (known to Greeks as Alexandretta) is one of them, as, I believe, is Samarkand in faraway Central Asia.

I think Iskander, in Uzbekistan is one.

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