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Great trip

Flannery and I got back from our ride to the Adirondacks. We had a fine cabin on Upper Saranac Lake. Our bikes were flawless, the roads were winding and smooth, the scenery wonderful, the conversation, food, and drinks were perfect and plentiful. Add to this the humor of Chris getting a ticket for not having a helmet on--he rode out one early morning (in the middle of nowhere) to pick up a newspaper without his helmet--and the good became the best. The only flaw in the trip was the storm we rode through on our way home coming out of Buffalo; about a hundred miles in serious rain (not wearing our rain gear, of course!). We were wet from head to toe and cold, but, being the real men we are, we only whined about it for a day or so. Great trip, good to be back.

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I went to college at Syracuse and had a friend who lived in Tupper Lake, NY. We spent many a fine day in my sports car whipping around the mountains at lightning speed. So, I know what you mean. It doesn’t get too much better than that, though you might think that it gets better on a hogg.

Back in SoCal now, battery on my home bike dead, nothing but crowded freeways to ride, and it’s 95 in the shade anyway. It’s only been two days, and already the Ride in Hawkeye Country takes on the mythical aura of the Golden Age, fading in the Adirondack mists of time, stirring deep Rousseauan yearnings in the bereft biker soul. O for the days of innocent roads, lacing through virgin fields, and the gentle curve and dip and rise that eternally beckons and yields. One must forget, of course, if not forgive, the NY State Troopers who, neglecting the terrorist infiltration down the not so innocent roads from Canada, abuse their time chasing down native Americans (it is some comfort that they DID have to chase) who dare to go out in public without a hat.

This all makes me wish I had a bike. I hope I am not missing out on something wonderful?

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