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Keyes vs. Obama

Alan Keyes has accepted the GOP nomination to run for the Senate in Illinois and Barack Obama has already agreed to a series of Lincoln/Douglas style debates. Whatever the outcome of this race, you can’t miss these debates!

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While Alan is a charismatic, intelligent, and eloquent supporter of Conservative values,(with whom I agree on most issues), I fail to see how this differs from Hillary Clinton’s move to NY to pick up what was, correctly, assumed to be a "gimme" Senate seat.
Granted, this is not in any sense a gimme for Alan, and I agree the debates should be political theater of Oscar/Tony proportions. Yet, Alan is still a carpetbagger.


While I like Keyes, i agree that this is carpetbagging similar to Hillary in NY. I think what we are seeing is a move toward a national legislature. The representation of the States in the Senate as orginally concieved is waning. Thank you 12th ammendment. State representation is secondary to the party/person who is in the Senate. i dont like it.

Keyes will take the fall against Obama, but he will do better than anyone else might have done, other than Mike Ditka.
Keyres can go into those black churches on the south side and tell them forcefully, "I am the Believer in this race." Or, "I am the candidate who was born and raised in this country, like you were." He will lose all the secular Republicans, and end up with a dismal vote total, but a very conservative voice will have had the platform, which is never all bad.

By the way it’s the 17th ammendement that allowed for the direct election of Senators, not the 12th.

I guess it dosent matter where you live anymore, I sure hope some one from the west coast comes here to the midwest to represent me, he/she will know just what we need to improve our lives here.

Keyes and Obama will have some great debates, although I doubt the Illinois Republicans could run Jesus and win in their state.

But hey, Douglas won the race 150 years ago, but Lincoln won the war in the end.

I’m one guy hoping history repeats!

Let’s hope there isn’t another war, shall we?

Pity the Republicans wouldn’t run the guy who came in second in the primary. Unfortunately he has the bad taste to want to tnforce immigration laws. Can’t have that.

Whatever the outcome - the Keyes Obama race should prove very entertaining!

I posted three Keyes - Obama blurbs on my blog at:

They are: Running scared, Missing the point and Good for the goose

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